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4 This patient were built with a prolonged good reputation for fasted-condition ziprasidone administration, which upon correction elicited an immediate dose-dependent 1 -mediated ischemic-priapismic response to increased drug levels, mandating emergent surgical interventions. Phosphodiesterase inhibitors, too, may cause prolonged erection 5 within this patients situation, sildenafil is not likely to possess been the reason for just two primary reasons. First of all, sildenafil includes a short half-existence of three or four hrs, 6 and also the duration between sildenafil use and priapism onset was 72 hrs.

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Next, there is coming back to normalcy flaccidity following a sexual act when sildenafil was last used. As much as 50% of patients with priapism have past prolonged erection. 7 Within this situation, a chapter of self-solving prolonged erection was then ischemic priapism 5 several weeks later.

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It is recommended that physicians educate patients and monitor for sexual unwanted effects not just following initiation and dose batches of ziprasidone, but additionally throughout any problems that promote bioavailability. Out of this situation, we recommend close follow-up or medication switching in individuals patients who experienced a chapter of self-solving priapism on ziprasidone treatment to avoid adverse responses for example ischemic priapism and it is connected morbidities. Author manuscript obtainable in PMC 2011 This summer 1.